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First Mothers Reunited is a private discussion and support group exclusively for women who have relinquished a child or children to adoption, regardless of the circumstances....either by choice, coercion or force. Although the majority of our members relinquished during the era of closed adoptions, our group is open to all reunited first/natural mothers as well as to mothers who are beginning their search for their now adult child/children lost to adoption. However, we are not a search group.

A place of sharing, a place of working towards healing, a place to seek a place of eventual peace...

Reunion is often both a joyous and a difficult journey, during which a mother may experience a wide range of emotions, ranging from elation, fear, isolated, and uncertainty. At First Mothers Reunited you will find support from other mothers who have walked this same journey you are on...mothers who know and understand the complexity of this experience that is unique to losing a child to adoption...unlike any other experience in our society...an experience with no references from which to seek help and solace in the social order except from those who have lived it themselves. 
At First Mothers Reunited our aim is to provide you with a place where you will feel comfortable and safe in sharing your feelings, both those of incredible joy and those that so often accompany reunion...the return of the grief so many of us where forced to repress when our children were separated from us. We at First Mothers Reunited, feel an atmosphere of kindness, caring, acceptance of others and respect for all our views...similarities and differences...is the ideal way to support a mother while she sorts through this barrage of wide-ranging emotions.

The era of unmarried...thus "unfit" to raise one's own child: 1945-1980's and beyond

Reunion reconnects us with our lost child...the baby we bore who is now an adult...and also often takes a part of us back to the young women we were at the time we were separated from that child. In an effort to move forward and deal fully with the present, members share experiences and help one another sort through and try to understand the many feelings we as mothers who lost babies to adoption have in common.  We deal with the life changing experience of that original loss and the second monumental life altering event that comes with reuniting with our children...separated from us for so long.

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